Our Fallen Heroes

The single most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life is to become involved in K-9 Search and Rescue. The close friendships that are made between the handlers, the dogs, and the entire team combined with the sense of usefulness that is received when relief or closure can be brought to a family member is beyond measure.  Truly the single closest bond is still however, between the Handler and his or her K-9 Partner.  That bond goes deeper than can ever be explained.  We all understand when we start this, that it is always just temporary; that their time here with us is much too short.  When these heroes, and they truly are the heroes, come to their end, it is a heartbreaking time for the entire team, but especially for the K-9’s partner.  They know they must go on, but that there will never be another partner quite like the one they have lost.  These heroes of ours do live on, in our hearts, our minds and our memories. This page is solely devoted to them, those K-9’s that gave their all up until their end, for their partner and for doing what they so loved.  In loving memory, least we never forget... 

North Central Ohio K9 Search and Rescue is Dedicated to the Memory of:

WQMX Audio Tribute to Maggie and all Search and Rescue K9's


North Central Ohio K9 Search and Rescue Fallen Heroes