SAR/Tracking Practice Schedule

The following is a tentative practice schedule; please check back frequently to verify dates, locations, and times. If you plan to attend a practice, you MUST sign up for it. Scroll down to access to the sign up form. If we have a late change, only those that are signed up will be notified. You must sign up no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start time for a drill to be eligible to participate in that drill.

Buckeye Woods, Medina

Schleman Nature Preserve

Reagan Park, Service Bld (top lot by service building), Medina

Reagan Park, Bill Dunn (Bill Dunn Parking Lot), Medina

Huffman Cunningham Fields

Hubbard Valley Park, Medina

River Styx Park, Medina

Leohr Park, Seville

Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park

Lafayette Township Hall for NCOK-9 Meetings

NCOK-9 Drill Schedule