Reserve Team Members

The following members are certified but currently on leave due to a variety of circimstances but continue to be available in other capacities to assist in time of need.
         Dianne and Fargo
Handler: Dianne
K-9: Fargo
Born: 2007
SAR Certified: 2009
Background: Fargo started out as a service dog and moved from that into a full SAR dog. 
Fargo has a great personality and is a very keen cadaver scenting dog.
   Rob and Bella 

Handler: Rob

K-9: Bella

Breed: German Shepherd

Born: 2007

SAR Certified: 2009

Background:  Bella was a rescue dog that continues to learn and develop into a better and better SAR dog. She is a good land tracker but especially talented at Water Cadaver Scenting. 

     Lynn and Misha
Handler: Lynn
K-9: Misha
Born: 2009
SAR Certified: 20011
Background: Misha is a solid tracker and cadaver scenting dog.  in addition, she is certified as a Therapy and Disaster Therapy dog.